Synchronize from Sync Items window

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Synchronize from Sync Items window

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In order to synchronize items in the list of synchronized items, you can:

Select the up or down arrow, which will synchronize items in the direction of the arrows.
Select the Sync all button, which will synchronize all items in the grid with the originally selected item.
Note: The Sync all feature should be used with caution, as it can not be undone. If the wrong group(s) are chosen to be updated, fixing those updates could be cumbersome and time intensive.

Synchronize project(s)

If you are a catalog owner responsible for many projects, Jama allows you to easily push changes from the current “catalog” project to all other project items that share the same Global Id.

Note: User must have write access on all projects in the sync.

To sync all projects with the catalog project:

1.Navigate to the catalog project in the Explorer panel.


2.Right-click on the project and select View synced items. If you only want to sync specific items or containers, navigate to that container, right-click and select View synced-items.


3.Any projects/containers/items that have been synced with a catalog project/container/item will appear in the Sync Items window, as well as their sync status and number of shared items. Select the Only show out-of-sync items checkbox to filter the items in the Explorer Tree to only show out-of-sync items.


4.To sync all projects/containers/items (listed in the grid) to the catalog item (shown in the header), select the Sync all button, or you can sync one project/container/item at a time by selecting the SyncDownButtonarrow next to the desired item. If you would like to push any changes from one of the items showing in the grid up to the currently selected item (displayed in the header), you can select the SyncUpButtonbutton. Remember, the changes go in the direction of the arrow. The Sync Options window will ask you to confirm the synchronization options for this sync.
5.The Sync Status window will show the resulting update.

Note: When syncing a container, the container and all children will always be synced unless you have created advanced sync rules that specify otherwise. See Sync Options for more information. When multiple containers are being synchronized at once, Jama will sync according to hierarchy. For example, a new item has been added to a container in the source project. When that container is synchronized to other ones, Jama will check the destination projects to see whether an item with the new global ID already exists. If your organization allows multiple copies of the same global ID in a project, then Jama will add a new sync item to the container in the destination project, ignoring any other copies of that item elsewhere in the project. If your organization does not allow the same global ID more than once per project (the default setting), Jama will sync the destination items, even though the destination item is not in the proper hierarchy.