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Map item types

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Once the project is mapped, the item type groups need to be mapped. In Jama, items can be found in sets; in JIRA, they are considered a type. Note: Jama only supports a specific item being synced with one connector.

jira mapping an item type

1.Select the row that contains the project to sync.
2.Select Add item type mapping. If a mapping exists, select Edit Details to make changes.
3.Map Jama item type to JIRA Issue Type, using Jama Location and JIRA Type pick lists.
4.Configure how comments are synced between the projects.
Do Not Synchronize - No comments will be shared between JIRA and Jama.
One Way: From Jama - Only comments added in Jama will sync to JIRA.
One Way: Into Jama - Only comments added in JIRA will sync to Jama.
Bi-directional - Comments added in Jama or JIRA will sync to the other application.

jira sync comments

5.Select which items from Jama are to be synced to JIRA. Note: Jama only supports a specific item being synced with one connector.
Do not synchronize items from Jama to JIRA - No items in Jama will be created in JIRA or synced.
Synchronize all items of this type - Ensure that all Jama items of this type are synced to JIRA.
Synchronize only items that match this query - If only certain Jama items need to be synced, a Lucene search query can be used. Note: Before using this query, make sure to test it in Jama's search to ensure it returns the results you expect.


ostatus:"Approved" AND flag1:true

Note: You cannot map a Jama location to more than one JIRA project. Each Jama set can be linked to just one JIRA project.

6.Select which items created in JIRA are to be synced to Jama.
Do not synchronize items from JIRA to Jama - No items in JIRA will be synced or created in Jama.
Synchronize items that match this JIRA filter - Select the appropriate JIRA filter. Note: The JIRA user indicated in the Connector must have marked the filter as a favorite.
7.Check Synchronization Enabled for this Mapping to turn sync on or off.

jira item type screen