System setup

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System setup

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It will take approximately 45 minutes for the initial configuration. Each additional project or item type takes about five minutes. There are some required changes to make to JIRA. For most effective use, optional changes to Jama and JIRA may need to be made.
Verify the supported software
Ensure Pick List parity

Pick List item types in Jama and Select Lists in JIRA must have options that match exactly. If the values do not match, the value will not update in either direction. The below example illustrates this: a Priority field with five selections has a final value of “Rejected” in Jama’s pick list, but the JIRA Select List has the final selection set as “Trivial.”


The initial four values will sync because they are equal, however, this final field of "Rejected" and "Trivial" will not. The pick lists do not have to be in the same order to work. Tip: make sure there are no extra spaces in the pick list configurations.

Note: If an issue is being newly synchronized from Jama to JIRA, it will fail upon creation if a value in the Jama pick list does not have a corresponding match in the JIRA pick list.