Target destination

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Target destination

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When reusing items, you can create a new item in the target project, or you can overwrite an existing item with the source item.

In the Reuse item(s) window under Select a target destination: indicate where you want the copied item to go within the applicable project, component, set, and Folder. There are 2 options for choosing the destination:

Reuse source project hierarchy in destination project: If you are choosing a different project, then this option will attempt to replicate the same hierarchy on that project. If a similar set and folder exist, or if they have the same names and layout in the source and destination project, then those sets and folders will not be remade in the destination project. If there is not a similar set or folder, a new one will be created. For example, if you reuse a feature in the Features component, but there is not a Features component in the target project, this option creates the Features component and reuses the feature.This option is best used when both projects have the same layout as each other.
Manually select location(s) for reused items(s): By selecting this option, you can navigate to a specific location to store your new item(s). This option is best used when the two projects are very different in their layout or if copying to a different part of the same project.