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Test cases

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The Test Cases area allows users to add Test Cases to the Test Plan and organize them into Test Groups.

Users can add items to the Test Plan by selecting and dragging from any project in the Explorer Tree, or under the Releases, Filters, or Search tabs for items to which the user has valid permissions.


Groups can be added using the "Add Test Group" button or modify and delete groups using the toolbar in the header of each group. Test groups can be assigned to a user which automatically assigns any Test Runs created from the specified group. Once a group has been created, the user can drag one or more Test Cases into that Test Group.
Groups can also be created by dragging the folders from the Explorer Tree on the right to the top box surrounded by dashed lines. Test Groups will automatically be created, preserving the hierarchy from the Explorer. For example, by dragging the following component:


three test groups would be created: one for the two folders and one for Test Case 6 that does not have a folder. If the Test Cases were dragged to an existing Test Group instead of the dashed box, the hierarchy will not be preserved.

Note: Test Cases can only be added to a single group in a Test Plan.


Updating Test Cases

When creating Test Runs, a copy of the Test Case is put into the Test Run. But if a change is made to the Test Case after that, the change will not be reflected in the Test Run.

To see if a change has been made since the Test Cycle has been created, open the desired Test Plan and select the Test Cycle. An icon will appear in the second column showing that that item has been changed:


Open the Action Menu and select Make Test Runs Current:


Only Test Runs that have been changed will be updated. The previous versions will be deleted and the updated version will be added. Any previous progress, results or statuses will also be removed from the updated Test Runs. Any Test Runs that did not change will still retain progress, results and statuses.