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Test management

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Test Management setup

Test Management functionality can be added to any item type in Jama by assigning a category of "Test Case" in the item type administration area. Enabling this category adds the Steps and Test Case Status fields to the item type to provide the necessary functionality.


Steps - The Steps field is a unique system field that allow users to add distinct steps in the testing process of an item. When running a Test Case, users can indicate the success or failure for each step. See Test Management Fields for more details.
Test Case Status - The Test Case Status field is a unique system field used to display the derived status of an executed test. This will indicate whether the Test Case has been included in a Test Plan, whether it has been scheduled, and/or whether the Test Case or Test Run passed or failed. See Test Management Fields for more details.


Test Plan Explorer Tab

The Test Plan explorer tab allows users to access the test management content in Jama. Specifically, users can add, open, edit, archive, and duplicate Test Plans here.


Adding and Editing a Test Plan

Select Add test plan to create a new Test Plan. See item types for configuring the fields in a Test Plan item. Right-click and select Edit on an existing Test Plan to modify the details of a Test Plan.

Archiving a Test Plan

Right-click an active Test Plan and select Archive. Archived Test Plans will display in a group list in the navigation pane allowing users to maintain visibility into the Test Plan but preventing additional content from being created or run. Right-click an archived Test Plan and select Unarchive to make it active.
Note: Archiving a Test Plan will also archive all related Test Runs.

Deleting a Test Plan

Go to the Actions menu at the top right of the Test Plan and select Delete. When a Test Plan is deleted, all associated Test Cycles and Test Runs will also be deleted. If any of the Test Runs deleted were associated with a Test Case, that Test Case Status could change upon deletion.
Note: It is only recommended that Test Plans be deleted if there are no associated Test Runs.

Duplicating a Test Plan

Right-click any Test Plan (active or archived) and select Duplicate to create an active copy of the selected Test Plan. The copy will contain the same details as the original, the same groups of test cases, but will not contain the Test Runs or Test Cycles from the original.

Opening and working in a Test Plan

Selecting a Test Plan will open the Test Management pane in the content area. Test Plans have 3 primary content areas which include Overview, Test Cases, and Test Runs.

Opening a Test Plan and Displaying the 3 Content Areas.

Opening a Test Plan and Displaying the 3 Content Areas.