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Stream gives members of the product development team a way to engage key stakeholders and keep them in sync. Stakeholders are continually pulled into product delivery discussions through impromptu meetings, email, chat, or hallway conversations. When conversations do occur, they often get lost. With Stream, project team members can pull key stakeholders seamlessly into conversations by name or email address and record conversations as they occur.




Often, collaboration on great ideas happens as hallway and whiteboard conversations, outside of Jama. Having those conversations tied to the associated context not only allows new participants to easily get up to speed and contribute, but also documents the conversation and associated questions, reasoning, and decisions to review later.

Now users can quickly capture that whiteboard image in Jama via mobile phone, and attach it to a conversation, project, release or item. This also makes it easy for the team to pull in other stakeholders to their conversations in order to drive a decision or possibly inform them of “ripple-effect” changes to their associated deliverables.



Loss of productivity occurs when teams have to focus on tracking down the answer to a question in order to make a critical decision. With Jama, these potential blockers can easily be escalated so the right people see it quickly via email or mobile device and can respond directly to the team, allowing the team to get back to work. Comments can be marked as decision requests and these decision makers are contacted (@mention people) in real-time to have decisions made and marked.

Using Decisions in Jama, important decisions are now tracked so there is a system of record to show what decisions were made, who made them and why. No more taking notes and going back later to add. Do it all in real-time in Jama and have that historical record for future reference.