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Trace View

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Trace View helps users view related upstream and downstream items, missing relationships, and item details in context of their relationship. When a user finds missing coverage, they can fix this coverage by adding items directly from this view.

Create a Trace View

View live traceability for a list of items by selecting the Trace View button, located at the top of List or Reading Views throughout Jama including

A list derived from an Explorer Tree location
A list of search results
Advanced filter results
A list of items from the Releases tab



Note: The Trace View is not available from a list of all items in a project.


Navigate a Trace View


When traceability mode is selected, the list of items in view becomes the "source" column, indicated by the blue column header. Downstream items are shown to the right of the source, and upstream to the left.




Select the upstreamButton upstream button on the left or downstreambutton downstream button on the right to follow the relationships .


Track relationships

Select an item to highlight its specific upstream and downstream relationships. The item selected will appear in darker blue while its related items will appear in light blue.




Multiple items can be selected at a time. Selections will remain during navigation in the Trace View.




Clear all selected, highlighted items using the Clear All option at the top of the Trace View.






View item details

Select an item ID to view additional details about that item in a dedicated side panel. Within the details side panel, select the item ID to view the full item in a new tab.




View missing coverage

The exclamation mark icon tells you when traceability is out of compliance with your relationship rules. Add the Relationship Status column to the view and hover over the exclamation mark to see what aspect of the rules are not met.




Add relationships

Items missing coverage

If an item is missing coverage, you can select Add coverage to create relationships to existing items in Jama.





Additional coverage

To add a relationship between pre-existing items, select the checkbox of items you want to add a relationship to. Under the Action menu, select Relate to Existing to find the item you want to relate to.




Creating new items for coverage

See Create an item Through Trace View for details on how to create a new related item in Trace View.