Trace Matrix

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Trace Matrix

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The Trace Matrix provides a visual representation of relationships within a project. This provides an intuitive way to quickly see relationships for two groups of items. For example, you may want to select a set of requirements and see which have related test cases. The matrix also helps determine impact when a change occurs. The Trace Matrix will allow you to create and note missing coverage.

Note: The Trace Matrix does not enforce relationship rules.

To view the matrix:

1.From the Navigation panel's header located on the left-side, select Project > Traceability > Trace Matrix.
2.When the window opens, select the item type to be displayed along the left-side and the second item type to be displayed along the top.
3.Select View Matrix.


Note: For easier viewing with a large matrix, you can single select a row to highlight it.

Creating / Editing relationships from the Matrix

Viewing a matrix to find errors or missing relationships is helpful, but Jama takes it a step further by allowing you to make adjusts to your item relationships from the matrix as well.

1.From the Trace Matrix, double-click on the desired cell that aligns with the two items.
2.A trace relationship dialog box is opened where you can edit or create a new relationship.
3.Select the direction of the relationship and select Update. New relationships will use the default relationship type. Selecting the No Trace option removes a relationship between the items.

Note: The option to "Trace Forward and Backward" will create two separate relationships pointing both directions.