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Relationship rules

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Relationship rules help maintain the project structure by preventing problems with relationships. The rules help users know when relationships are required and in which directions. In addition, the Relationship Status Indicator on each item allows users to easily see when their relationships do not match the relationship rules. Jama allows Administrators to create rule sets at the Organization level, which can then be applied to one or more projects.


traceability rules

Before creating a rule set, ensure that your team has decided what relationships will be included, the relationship types, as well as whether the rules should be exclusive and included in coverage calculations for the project.

Create a relationship rule set

1.To create a rule set, select the Add rule set button on the bottom of the relationships window.

new rule set

2.Select the name New rule set to change the name to something more descriptive.
3.Create a rule by selecting the Upstream item type, Downstream item type, Relationship type and whether this relationship should be included For coverage.
4.If you only want to allow the relationships defined in this rule set, leave Allow relationships with item types not in this rule unchecked (this rule set will be exclusive). Checking this option will allow users to create relationships outside of the rule set you have applied to the project (unexclusive rule set). Note that rules are between item types. If you do not define a rule for a particular item type, that item type can have a relationship with anything, or nothing if the user chooses, even if the rule set is exclusive.
5.Select Save to save the rule. As the rule is saved, it will be added to the rule set diagram to show the relationship visually.
6.Apply the rule set to one or more projects by selecting Add project. The project list will appear for project selection. Note: If a rule set is applied to a project with existing items, nothing will change in that project, even if the existing relationships break the new rules. Only future relationships will be required to conform with the rule set.

Note: A project can only have one rule set. If a rule set has already been applied to a project and you attempt to apply a second rule set, Jama will remove the first rule set from the project and apply the second one instead.


Edit a rule set

Edit a rule: Select a rule in the rule set to make the rule editable. Make sure you select Save to save your changes.

Delete a rule: Select the X at the end of the rule's row to delete that rule. A warning will appear before deleting.

After editing or deleting a rule, the rule set diagram will update with any changes made.


Delete a rule set

Select the X at the top right of the rule set will delete the entire rule set. A warning will appear before the set is deleted.


Rule set diagram

rule set diagram

As rules are created, the rule set is visually depicted in the rule set diagram. Solid lines between items mean that that rule is For coverage. Dashed lines denote relationships that are Not for coverage.