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Update the license

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There are two ways to update your Jama license. The one you use depends on whether Jama remotely updated your license or sent you a new .rli file to apply locally. All license updates require the application server to have access to the internet. If your security requirements do not permit this, consider using an airgap installation.

Remote update

If the license has been updated remotely by Jama, you need to synchronize the license for updates to take effect. This type of update typically happens when renewing your license or changing the number of seats available.

To update a license after a change has been made remotely, perform the following steps:

1.Navigate to the Admin Console. Under Settings (gear icon), select View License.

2.Select the Sync License button and a dialog will appear to tell you it was successful.


3. Navigate to the Admin Console Dashboard and restart Jama.


Airgap update

Complete the following steps to update your license when you receive a new .rli file. This usually happens when your type of installation is changing (from a trial to production instance, or Standard to Express channel, for example). 

1.Receive the new .rli license file from Jama. (You can request this from your account manager.)
2.Identify where to place the new license on the server. Navigate to the Admin Console. Under Settings (the gear icon) select Console Settings. In the Airgapped Settings section, find the location of the current license file under License File. Place your new license in the same path.
3.Update the name of the .rli file in the License File field if the name differs from the original. Avoid using spaces in the filename.
4.Save the settings. 
5.Restart the Jama application for the new license to take effect. Navigate to the Dashboard. Select Stop, then Start, to restart Jama. This should be scheduled within a maintenance window.