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License management

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This feature requires user to be logged in as System Administrator or Organization Administrator.

The license key for Jama is a single key for your organization  and is provided to you by a Jama representative upon your purchase of new user licenses and annual renewals.

Note: Licenses are automatically synchronized after initial installation. It is no longer necessary for a root user to set a license within the Jama application.


View your license information as follows:

1.Log in as an Administrator.
2.Navigate to Admin > License.
3.The license information will display at the bottom of the license page. This view also contains information on Floating, Trial, and Collaborator license usage, outlined in User Session Monitoring. See below for more detail on license types.




User License types

Creator - Designed for one person with editing rights and full access to Jama 24/7. Best for team members who are active users managing items within projects on a daily basis.

30-Day Trial - When someone is @mentioned through email - they will automatically be assigned a 30-day trial license, which will make them a Creator but without any permissions, except to the comment thread they were @mentioned in. The admin can grant them project permissions, if necessary. Batch update of user license types are possible from the admin user panel.

Note: If you select more users than the number of a certain license type you have available, that license type will not be selectable when batch updating user licenses.

Collaborator - The Collaborator license allows users to have read-only privileges. Read-only users are designed for stakeholders, customers and other people within your Organization that need visibility into a project but don’t need editing rights. Read-only users can view items and provide comments. In addition, collaborators can act as reviewers and can execute test runs and log defects.

Reviewer – A user with a Reviewer license will not have access to the Jama core product. These users will have the opportunity to be involved in reviews in the Review Center Module but cannot initiate reviews.

Note: Each person regardless of license type will have a unique login (username and password) and your Administrator will configure license types in the Users tab within the Admin Settings.