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User Import Plugin

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The User Import Plugin enables you to add multiple users at once through the import of a spreadsheet.

Configure the plugin

1.Navigate to Admin > Plugins > Add Entry
2.Create the plugin with the following configuration:
Name: User Import
Enabled: When checked, the plugin will be available to users.
Class (case sensitive): com.jamasoftware.contour.plugin.jama.UserImportPlugin
Type: Import
Parameters: Leave blank
Plugin Notes: Any notes you have on the plugin  


Configure the spreadsheet

There are eleven fields available for a user record: 

User name 
First name 
Last name 
Phone # 
License type 

Note: Two of the fields must meet a specific pre-defined value, as shown in the following table:



To configure the list of users to be imported into Jama, create a CSV document with the following specifications.

1.In row 1 of the document add the data in columns A through K.

Note: You may wish to use a header row to mark the columns when adding data, however you must delete this header row before importing the user list in order for the import to work properly. 


2.Save as CSV.

Import the user list

1.Within the project environment, select Project > Import > Custom Import.    


2.Select the options in the Custom Import wizard as follows.

Select a Destination: The Custom Import wizard requires a destination to be set even though this will not affect the outcome.

Select Custom Importer: User Import

Field Delimiter: Comma

Optional Encoding: UTF8

Select file to import: Choose the CSV file that contains the list of users to be imported.  


3. Select Import.

User Import Plugin guidelines for a successful import

The spreadsheet must be a CSV file with no Header row.
If a user is in multiple groups, the groups can be inserted in column K and subsequent columns.
No user will ever be deleted from Jama based on an import.
If LDAP or CROWD is enabled the username must match what is listed in the directory.

Acceptance criteria

All records must be correct before importing or the import will fail.
If a user already exists and the record is set to add (vs. update) the import will fail.
If the record is set to update and the user does not exist the import will fail.
If a required field is missing the import will fail.

Note: Each user added via the User Import plugin will receive a welcome email containing the Jama URL.