Use templates

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Use templates

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Templates are pre-written text or documents that can be quickly inserted into the editor. This allows you to create consistent items such as Test Cases or Use Cases and speed entry.

1.To use a template, select the Templates button in the rich text editor, then select a template to insert into the rich text editor.


2.Jama provides several templates for use with the text editor. We currently include:
Use Case – Basic.
Use Case – Document Style.
Test Case – Basic
Agile Story Card.


3.Select the desired template and continue editing the item.

Note: Administrators can apply a template to any field that is a rich text box. See Custom Fields.

Creating Templates

An Administrator can create new templates within the Administration mode and configure rich text editors to load them by default.

1.Select Admin in the Jama header.
2.Select Editor Templates.
3.Select Add.
4.A new template window with a rich text editor will pop up. Give the template a name and a description.
5.The template will appear as created in the rich text editor. Fill out the editor as desired and Save.