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Tags are located below the Explorer Tree. Tags are used to quickly categorize items that might share a keyword or multiple labels.

Tags can be viewed as either a cloud or a list.

The cloud displays the tags with the font size determined by the number of items associated with that tag: the larger the font, the more items that have that tag. The cloud is the default shown in the Explorer Tree.




The List View displays the tags in an alphabetical list.




In either view, select the tag to view the items associated with that tag.

Tags can be added, edited, or deleted, however, they cannot be rearranged in the views.

Search and filter on tags

For advanced tag queries, you can use the search engine or keywords box within filters.

Use the prefix tag: to indicate the tag field in your query.

tag:"requirement management" AND tag:security

tag:"requirement management" AND tag:security (tag:"user" OR tag:security) AND tag:requirement


You can use the plus sign as a shortcut for the AND operator and the minus sign for the NOT operator.

test case +tag:requirement -tag:security