View and filter reviews

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View and filter reviews

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When you select Reviews in the Jama header, all of your reviews, open and closed, will be displayed. Select from the My reviews, All public reviews, All reviews filtering options at the top, or use filters, or use the Filter by pull-down for more filtering choices.

My reviews

To view the reviews in which you are either a participant or moderator, select My reviews.





Select the List View button to display your list of open reviews in table form. Select column headers to sort by that field. Select the desired review ID to view the contents of the review.


All public reviews

Select All public reviews to display only public reviews. Public reviews will be read-only, if you are not specifically invited to them.

All reviews

Review Administrators can select All reviews instead of All public reviews. Public reviews will be marked with an orange triangle on the top right (if viewing the grid view) or by the checkbox in the Public column. From this view, Review Administrators may perform actions such as changing ownership of a review or other modifications.

Filter reviews

You can filter the reviews in either of the views listed above by selecting the Filter by menu. You can select, or remove, any review status or role option to filter which reviews display. Close the menu to apply the filter. If you would like to include archived reviews in your results, select Include archived reviews in the Filter menu. All of your subsequent filters will then include archived reviews. To remove archived reviews from your results, select Hide archived reviews.