View baselines

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View baselines

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View baseline items

1.Select Item View to see all of the items in the selected baseline.




2.The list will show the Version of the item at the time of the baseline and the Current version of the item. Items that have been deleted after the baseline was created will show as [deleted] in the Current column.
3.Selecting the item's ID will open the current version of the item in a new tab.
4.To view the items at the time of the baseline, select the item's row, then select Actions > Preview item.




5.To compare the baselined version with the current version, select the row where the versions are different, then select Actions > Compare with current.




Replace current with baseline

Jama provides the ability to revert items to their baselined version. User must have Manage project permissions to replace items with a baseline.

1.Select the targeted baseline from the Baselines tab.
2.From the Baseline menu, select Replace current items with baseline.




Note: All items within a baseline that are different than the current version will be updated. To update an individual item, see Making a past version of an item current.

3.A confirmation menu will be displayed and indicates how many items will be updated.




4.After confirming the replacement Jama will create new versions of the items affected that will include a list of the fields affected.


Note: Items that have been deleted will be restored to the version at time of the baseline. Relationships that have been deleted will not be restored.


Baseline reports

Reports can provide a variety of data related to baselines such as all items for a particular baseline. In addition baselines comparisons or subsets of the baselines can be reported on as well. Jama includes the export reports and two global baseline reports:

oBaseline Comparison: Compare two baselines.
oBaseline Compared to  Current: Compare the items and relationships from a baselined version to the current version.