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View latest activities

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There are two ways to review the latest activities within Jama: the project-wide Activity Stream and the item-specific Activities Tab.

To access the Activity Stream do the following:

1. Open the Dashboard by selecting the main project level in the Explorer Tree or by selecting the name of your project just above the Explorer Tree.


2. If the Activity Stream does not already appear on your Project Dashboard page, you can add it with the Add widget button.



3. The Activity Stream panel displays newly created, edited or commented items for the entire project. If you have been working in Jama for a while be sure to hit the refresh button available in the top right corner.


To access the Item-level activities tab, select the Activities button from the panel on the right of the item to open the Activities tab below the item. This shows all activities related to this particular item.

Note: The availability of this tab is an option configured by your Organization Administrator when they create the item type.


Track information in Jama

Jama will keep track of a wide variety of information as you utilize the system.

Activities - Any activity revolving around an item is logged in Jama. Adding, editing, deleting, commenting, using widgets, or using any of the tools such as searches, filters, releases, baselines, email notifications, and the review center actions. Most of these activities can be seen in the Activity windows throughout the system in Jama. Otherwise, these activities are logged in the Apache Tomcat contour.log file or the Jama database.
Database History - In most cases, Jama does not delete anything from the system (the database). Even if a User deletes another user, an item, or something else in the system, Jama maintains a record for most of everything and simply deactivates it from the front end.
Note: Delete Project permanently deletes the selected project and everything under it from the database.
Deleted item - Deleted items show up in the activity stream. Any user with delete permission can view this entry in the activity stream. This activity is shown as "Deleted item [item name]".
Restoring an item - When an item is deleted, it can be restored by selecting Restore under the deleted item entry in the activity stream (see above). Any user with delete permissions can view and restore the item that was deleted. See Restoring a Deleted item for more details.


Reused/Synchronized item - When item(s) are reused and synchronized, the details of the reuse will be displayed in the Activity Stream. Any user with read permission can view details about the reused item(s) and also select a link to "View Newly Copied items." The link will open a filtered view in a new tab displaying the item(s) that were copied and synchronized. See Reuse items for more details.
Comments - Comments from the item's Comment Stream will appear in the Activity Stream. A user can delete comments that he has created, as well as restore previously deleted comments or threads.