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View relationships

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Select the Relationships button to display all related items grouped initially by direction in the Relationships tab.

Table View

A tabular view of relationships that can be sorted and grouped. Multiple rows may be selected.

Visual View

A card layout view that displays items in relationship to your current item.


Enables you to filter the items displayed in the relationship view.

Relate item(s)

Used to create new relationships.


Used to edit relationship attributes.

Table View (Default)

relationships tab


Indicates the position of the related item to the current item, either upstream or downstream.


The ID of the related item. Select the item's ID to open it in the current tab.


Name of the related item.

Item type

The tem type of the related item.


The type of relationship used which is configurable via a pick list.


Indicate whether or not a relationship is considered suspect. Select Clear to remove the indicator.


Visual view

There is also a visual view for the relationships. This view lays out the related items so it is quickly apparent which items are upstream or downstream of the selected item and makes it easy to quickly change directions of any relationship.

relate visual view