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Jama offers a variety of ways to navigate, sort and organize your project in the form of Views. A View is a way to see a group of items and Containers. Different Views offer different benefits, like displaying multiple fields within items, reading items in a document-centric way, allowing the user to view the full item, showing relationships between items, or filtering items in the view by common fields.


Jama's central work area has a Main Panel where you can access List, Reading and Trace Views, as well as the individual items when opened. Use the Navigation Panel on the left side of the screen to select different groups of items to display in the Main View Panel.  The Navigation Panel shows a hierarchical display of items and containers in the Explorer Tree. There are also options to filter items by creating or applying advanced filters, releases, baselines and test plans. tags are another way to create informal filtering topics for your projects and display as a cloud or list in this panel.




The Left Navigation Panel includes tools that help the user navigate to find information:

Explorer Tree
oAdvanced filters
oTest Plans


The Main Panel displays items or groups of items in the following ways:

List View
Reading View
Trace View