Use workflows

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Use workflows

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A Workflow is a set of transitions from one status to another over the course of an item's lifespan. A Workflow in Jama is typically used to reflect a business process.

Jama's ability to adapt to Workflow can be set up in a number of different ways and on more than just the status of an item.

Workflow must be associated to only one pick list field per item type.

When Workflow is enabled for an organization, there will be a window on each item to transition Workflow to other states. To transition the items select the Workflow widget and select the new state available. Please see Admin Workflow on how to setup Workflow for your administration.


Workflow for a single item

When viewing a single item with Workflow enabled, a small window will appear near the upper-right of the item:

workflow chnage

Select Transition item from... to see the list of transition options available. Select the desired new status to which you want to transition the item.

Using Batch Transition for multiple items

See Workflow Batch Update for details on transitioning multiple items at once.