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List View

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List View allows you to to view, sort and organize data within Jama while displaying multiple fields that you can configure.

Note: Jama remembers the view you choose. Just as in Reading View, if you look at a set of content in List View and close it, you will see the same view the next time you open it.


Use List View

Select the List View button at the top-right corner of your main panel to use List View.



List View Features

List View shares many features with Reading View, but lets you compare and sort by multiple fields.




Configure List View

Select the cog wheel button to choose which columns you want to see.




In the drop-down that appears, currently displayed fields are checked, but all available fields are shown in alphabetical order. Select an item type from the list at the left to see fields specific to that item type. Select the fields you would like to see in List View.

Note: If List View is displaying multiple item types and they contain fields with the same names, the field name will only be listed once. In addition, data from fields with the same name will be displayed in the same column in List View.


Arrange columns

Resize columns by dragging the sides of a column. Reorder columns by dragging the column header to the desired location.

Select items

The checkbox to the left of each row is the item selector. More than one item can be selected at once. The Header Checkbox will select/deselect all items in the view (including those items on other pages). If you use the header Checkbox to select all items and then deselect one or more items, a minus sign will appear in the Header Checkbox to signify that some items have been deselected. The number of selected items out of available items is displayed at the top of the page. Once you have selected the items you want, you can use the Actions menu to change them all at once.

Open items

Select the item's ID or Global ID to open the item.

View Sub-items

Use the View link in the top left area of the Main Panel to see a list of sub-items in the selected component, set or folder.

Note: If you select this link when viewing a project rather than a container, the main panel will display all the items in that project.

Refresh the screen

Refresh the screen by selecting the Refresh button.

Sort items

Select any column header to sort by that column. Pick list values will be sorted in the order they are configured and not alphabetically.

Note: Sorting is not available with the Relationship Status column. This column is not available when viewing a baseline.

Filter items

Select Filter items to open a panel and filter the data based on certain criteria or keywords.



Add items

Select an item or items then use the Add menu to create related items.

Add Comments and view Connected Users

Quickly add a Comment to an item by selecting the corresponding Comment Count field. Once in the Comment panel, the Connected Users icon will open and close a panel showing connected users.

Note: This column is not available when viewing a baseline.



Edit items inline

Double-click on any item to edit. Use the drop-down tab to notify other users about your changes, to cancel or to save your changes.



Re-order items

Drag items from the list to the Explorer Tree to reorder items when they are the same item type as the Explorer destination.

Rollup fields

If your Administrator has added a custom rollup field you can select this field to open a filter displaying any downstream items and their progress.

View Relationship Status Indicator

See the item's relationship status.

View related items

See the number of Upstream and/or Downstream items. Selecting this value will open a filter that shows the upstream or downstream items.

Change pages

Change pages using the toolbar at bottom. Use the arrows to move from page to page or manually enter a page number and select enter to move to that page directly.