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Jama Connect User Guide

Integrate OSLC Model Connector with Jama Connect

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open-source set of specifications that enables and simplifies tool integration in software development.

The integration of OSLC provides traceability between Jama Connect and OSLC domains, applications, and organizations. The partnership between the Smartfacts Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) platform and Jama Connect helps product development teams increase their level of collaboration and communication.

The result of this collaboration is the OSLC Model Connector, which provides:

  • Complete traceability for requirements throughout the product development lifecycle

  • Clear visibility into MBSE design artifacts in real-time

  • Ability to link requirements to various modeling tools

For more information, see Jama Connect OSLC Model Connector Datasheet.


You must contact your Jama Software account manager to set up access to the OSLC Model Connector and to MID Smartfacts.

You must have organization admin permissions to enable the OSLC Model Connector and give access to users in your organization.

To set up and use the OSLC Model Connector:


Do this...

Enable OSLC Model Connector

  1. Log in to Jama Connect, then select Admin > Organization > OSLC.

  2. Select Enable OSLC > Save settings.

A pop-up message confirms that OSLC was successfully enabled.

Grant OSLC Model Connector permissions

  1. Select Admin > Organization > Permissions.

  2. In the row for the user or group you want to provide access, select Modify.

  3. In the Edit permissions window, select OSLC, then click Save.

A checkmark is displayed in the OSLC column for that user or group. The OSLC permission automatically inherits the permissions that are set for those users or groups.

Configure specific item types for OSLC Model Connector

  1. Select Admin > Organization > Item types.

  2. In the row for the item type you want to configure, select Edit.

  3. In the Inactive widgets column of Widgets table, select OSLC Artifacts.

    OSLC Artifacts move to the Active widgets column.

  4. Click Save.

That item type now includes the OSLC Artifacts widget.

Use OSLC Model Connector with Jama Connect

  1. After the organization admin configures your OSLC permissions, open your project and right-click on the item where you want to add a new item.

  2. Click Add > New item > <item type>.

  3. In the Add item window, enter a name for the item, then click Save and Close.

    The OSLC Artifacts widget appears in Single Item View.

  4. In the OSLC Artifacts widget, select + to add links to OSLC Artifacts that you configured in Smartfacts.

    You now see links in the OSLC Artifacts widget.

  5. Select a link.

A panel slides out to display the artifact.

Example of the OSLC Artifacts Widget in Jama Connect