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Jama Connect User Guide

Manage stream comments


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Stream.



    You must separate domains with a comma and avoid adding a space between the comma and next domain.

  2. Configure settings as needed:

    • Select Disable Stream and project comments to turn off the stream.

    • Select Enable new comments in global Stream for new comments from the global Stream page to appear when you access the stream from the header.

    • Select Allow users to invite new users to Jama Connect by email if you want users to be able to @mention and invite others who are not registered Jama Software users to their discussion.

      Those who accept invitations automatically receive a temporary license but only have rights to view the discussion threads to which they have been invited. Organization administrators can give them more rights, but will need to change the license type to a permanent one before their 30 day license expires. An organization has unlimited temporary licenses, which have full creator permissions.

    • Enter a domain in the field below this to restrict invitations to email addresses within a specific domain. Enter the domain(s) separated by commas (for example,,

    • Enter a number of seconds in the Comment update frequency to control how often the stream is updated with new comments.

  3. Select Save settings.