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Jama Connect User Guide

Change Global ID

Global IDs are unique identifiers of items that are connected through synchronization. While every item has its own unique ID, two items that are synchronized can share a global ID.


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

You can change or add a prefix, as well as an optional item type key, in front of the Global ID assigned to items.

  1. Select Admin > Details, then select Edit.  

  2. Confirm if you want to allow multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project.

    • Yes — One item can be synchronized with one or more items in the same project.

    • No — Items can only be synchronized to items in other projects. The default setting is No.

  3. To change the Global ID Prefix Value and Item Type Key, select Edit.

    • Change only future prefixes: Change the Global ID Prefix and select Update. No current IDs are affected. Future IDs include the new prefix.

    • Change ALL prefixes (past and future): Select Apply prefix to existing items. All existing prefixes are changed if they match the old prefix, and new IDs will contain the new prefix. If the past Global IDs didn't have a prefix, the new one is appended to those IDs.

    • Include item type in the global ID: Select Include Item Type Key. To change the item type key, you must configure the item type.

  4. To change the Global ID next counter value, select Edit.

  5. Set the counter that assigns Global IDs, then select Update. If you set the counter to a value that's being used, the counter uses the next available ID as its starting point when the next item is assigned.

Your changes appear in the Organization Details page.