Jama Connect User Guide

Pick lists

Pick lists are a set of specific values that can be entered into a field.

This can be particularly useful when you want to be sure field content is entered exactly between users, or when you are creating calculated fields. 

Each pick list can be assigned a name and a description. Descriptions can be useful to define how you are using that pick list. 

Each option in a pick list can be assigned the following:

  • Order

    This designates what order the option will appear in a field pull down.

  • Display

    This determines what words users see when selecting pick list options.

  • Description

    Useful to define what each option means internally or to other admins. For example a display of " High" could have a description of "over 5000 items", "625-750 degrees" or "at least 72 miles".

  • Value

    This can put a numerical value or weight on each option and is useful in creating calculated fields. 

  • Color

    Color can be used to visually distinguish pick list options at a glance and can be seen in different views across the application. For example the test case status field is set to have a passing color of green, a failing status of red and a blocked status of orange.

  • Default status

    This determines which value appears by default. A pick list can only have one default status.