Jama Connect User Guide

Edit pick list


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

  1. Select Admin > Organization > Pick lists.

  2. In the Action column of the pick list you want to edit, select Edit. This will open the Edit pick list window where you can change the name or description.

  3. In the Action column of the pick list you want to edit, select Values. This will open a panel on the right where you can add and edit pick list values as well as their order, display, and color. You can also add or delete values, or indicate which one is the default entry. Select a row and then select the icon at the top to change it. 

  4. If you choose Edit, this will open a window where you can change the display, description, value or color. 



    Be careful when you change or delete items that are included in a calculated fields as this may affect other fields. 

  5. If you are deleting an item you must designate a replacement lookup.



    Deleted pick list values will be retained in past version of items. Each pick list must retain at least one value and that value cannot be deleted. If the pick list has not been used the whole pick list may be removed, but this would likely only happen during the initial setup of Jama Connect.