Jama Connect User Guide

Set up relationship rules


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

Relationship rules help maintain the project structure by preventing problems with relationships. The rules help users know when relationships are required and in which directions.

When these rules are set up, the Relationship Status Indicator alerts users to easily see when their relationships do not match the relationship rules. 

Rule sets are created at the organization level, and can then be applied to one or more projects.

  1. Decide with your team what relationships will be included, the relationship types, as well as whether the rules should be exclusive and included in coverage calculations for the project.

  2. Select Admin > Organization > Relationships and scroll down to the section labeled Relationship rule configuration to see any previously created rule sets.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Add rule set.

  4. Select New Rule Set and edit the name to describe your set.

  5. Add a rule by selecting the Upstream item typeDownstream item typeRelationship type from the drop-down menus. Select the box under For coverage if this relationship should be included for coverage. 


    Configure the same rule set across projects that share relationships. If you relate items across projects with different rule sets, the source project's rule set is applied.

  6. Select Save to save the rule. As the rule is saved, it is added to the diagram to show the relationship visually. Select Add another relationship if you want another for this rule set.

  7. As rules are created, the diagram is updated to show the relationships. Solid lines between items indicate a coverage (required) relationship. Dashed lines indicate relationships that are not for coverage. 



    Once you have set relationship rules for a project, you can also view the relationship rules diagram in Single Item View or on the dashboard.

  8. To delete a rule, select the X at the end of the rule's row. To delete an entire rule set, select the X at the top right of the rule set. After editing or deleting a rule, the rule set diagram will update with any changes made.

  9. Select Add project to apply the rule set to one or more projects. If a rule set is applied to a project with existing items, nothing will change in that project, even if the existing relationships break the new rules. Only future relationships will be required to conform with the rule set. 


    A project can only have one rule set. If a rule set has already been applied to a project and you attempt to apply a second rule set, the application will remove the first rule set from the project and apply the second one instead.

  10. If you select the box next to Allow any item type not mentioned in this rule set to be related to any item type including those in the rule set, users can create relationships outside of the rule set you applied to the project.

    Rules are between item types. If you do not define a rule for a particular item type, that item type can have a relationship with anything, or nothing if the user chooses, even if the rule set is exclusive.