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Jama Connect User Guide

Configure User Import Plugin

With the User Import Plugin, organization administrators can add multiple users at once by importing a spreadsheet. Imports don't delete users from Jama Connect.


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

With the User Import Plugin, organization administrators can add multiple users at once by importing a spreadsheet. 

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Plugins > Add plugin entry.

  2. In the Add plugin entry window, enter the following information and select Save.

    • Name: User Import

    • Enabled: Make the plugin available to users

    • Class (case sensitive):  Enter the name of the object defined in the source code: 

    • Type: Event or Import

    • Parameters: Leave this field blank

    • Plugin Notes: Add any notes you have here. This isn't visible to the end user.

  3. Create a CSV document with no header row that contains the following values in columns A through K:

    • Username

      If LDAP or CROWD is enabled, the username must match what is listed in the directory.

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Password

    • Title

    • Location

    • Phone number

    • License type

      Values must be one of the following:

    • Add/Update

      Values must be one of the following:

    • Company

    • Groups

      If a user belongs to multiple groups you can add them in columns L and up.

    For example:

  4. Select Project > Import > Custom import to open the Custom Import window.

  5. Enter the following information in the Custom import window:

    • Select a destination: This is a required field. Your selection doesn't affect the outcome.

    • Select Custom Importer: User Import

    • Field Delimiter: Comma

    • Optional Encoding: UTF8

    • Select file to import: Choose the CSV file you created in step 3, that contains the list of users to be imported.

  6. Select Import. Each user that's added with the user import plugin receives a welcome email with the Jama Connect URL.


If the import fails it might be because:

  • A user that already exists was set to add (rather than update).

  • A user that does not exist was set to update (rather than add).

  • One or more of the records is incorrect.

  • A required field was missing.