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Jama Connect User Guide

Enable rich text in test steps


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

  1. Select Admin > Organization > Item types.

  2. Find the item type you want to use. You can use any item type that is a Test Case type (this might be an item that's used as a Test Case).

  3. In the right panel, select the Steps field, then select the Edit pencil icon.

  4. In the Edit field window, select Allow Rich Text and click Save.



To disable rich text in test steps, follow the same steps, unchecking the Allow rich text box.

If you do so, no data will be lost, but images and rich text will be replaced with HTML tags.

Users will not see any existing steps break and the content will still render. It is up to the users to decided what formatting tags to remove. The application does not automatically strip tags, and renders correct HTML tags in steps with or without the rich text mode enabled.