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Jama Connect User Guide

Add and edit item types

Changes to item types affect all projects in your instance of Jama Connect. You can define an item type once, and all projects have access to that type. Item types can't be customized for individual projects.


You must have organization administrator permissions to add and edit item types.

You can create a new item type, add or delete fields in an existing item type, or change the item type details. 


The fewer item types that your organization creates, the easier it is to manage items and report on the sets based on those item types.

Jama Connect comes with a set of core item types that cannot be deleted. You can tell which item types these are by selecting Admin > Organization > Item types and viewing which item types don't have a delete option.


You can see a list of core item type fields in Admin > Organization > Item Types > Core > Views > Projects List View -Mixed Item Types. Custom fields can't be selected for visibility in mixed item type views.

Image shows the list of core item type fields: Item type, Locked, Locked by, Last locked, Release, Assigned to, Created by, Created date, Modified by, Modified date, Project, # of comments, # of upstream relationships, # of downstream relationships, Relationship status, Last activity date, ID, Name, Description, Connected users, Risk
  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Item types.

  2. To add a new item type, select Add item type, or to edit an existing item type select Edit for the item type you want to modify. 

  3. This opens the Add item type window where you can select or modify the following options:

    Add item type window shows the following fields: Display, Display plural, Description, Type key, Use as, Widgets and Image.
    • Display

      Display name for a single item of this item type (Required).

    • Display plural

      Display name for multiple items of this item type (Required).

    • Description

      For others who may at a later point want to know internally how this item type is used or how it is distinguished from other item types.

    • Type key

      This is the default ID Prefix that will be shown when creating a set using the item type. It can be overwritten. (Required).

    • Use as

      Select an option only if you are using this item type for special use for test. (If you are using the REST API to create an item type, it refers to this as a Category)

    • Widgets

      Read more about item type widgets or how to enable or disable them.

    • Image

      Display icon to use for this item type (this is required). Icons are used as the set icon, the list view icon and the icon at the upper-left of the item view.

    • API ID A new item type will automatically be assigned a reference ID for API reporting purposes. You can see this ID by selecting Admin > Item types, but it cannot be specified or changed.

  4. Select Save.


In order to use item types in a particular project, a project or organization administrator must add the item type to the project.


You can delete an item type, however you will be asked to delete any existing items of that type prior to deletion. To delete, select the item type you want to delete and select Delete.