Jama Connect User Guide

Assign risk administrators

A risk administrator has full permissions to create and edit risk templates, analyses, and manage participants.


You must be an organization administrator to assign a group of users to be risk administrators.

A risk administrator:

  • Must have a creator license.

  • Has full permissions to create and edit risk templates and analyses and manage participants.

  • Can view and manage all risk analyses created in the system.

To assign risk administrators:

  1. Choose an existing group (or first create a new group) for risk administrators. 

  2. Select Admin > Organization, then select Risk management.

    Image shows Admin > Risk management page where an organization administrator can add user groups to grant risk administrator permissions.
  3. Select a group from the drop-down menu. You can grant risk administrator permissions to multiple groups.

    The groups appear below the drop-down menu on the Risk management page.