Jama Connect User Guide

License types and permissions

The license type limits the possible permissions and roles that can be granted to a user. For example, creator, stakeholder, test runner, and reviewer.

Each user, regardless of license type, has a unique login (username and password). Organization and user administrators can view the current license or assign users license types.

Creator and reviewer licenses can be named or float licenses, whereas test runner and stakeholder are named only.

These are the available user license types:

  • Creator

    A creator license is a named or floating license that gives full read and edit rights, and full access to reviews, for those who are active users managing items and projects on a daily basis.

  • Test runner

    A test runner license is a named license that focuses on users whose primary goal is execution and recording test results. This includes basic permissions to read and review, as well as the additional ability to create test plans and defects, and execute test runs. They can also add attachments to test runs during execution.

  • Collaborator

    A collaborator license is a legacy license that can be a named or floating license that gives read-only privileges to those who need visibility into a project, but don’t need editing rights. These users can view items, provide comments, participate in (but not create) reviews, execute test runs, and log defects. The stakeholder license is recommended for users who only need read access, and the test runner is recommended for users who need full access to test center and defect recording capabilities.

  • Stakeholder

    A stakeholder license is a named license that gives read-only privileges to those who need visibility into a project, but don’t need editing rights. Stakeholders can view items, provide comments and act as reviewers.

  • Reviewer

    A reviewer license is a named or floating license that grants permission to participate in reviews, act as approvers, moderators, or review administrators, and respond to comments in the stream. A reviewer license doesn't allow users to initiate reviews or access items in the core project.

  • Temporary

    A temporary license is a 30-day full creator license, automatically granted to a non-licensed individual whose email address is used to invite them to a review or to comment in the stream. It has no default permissions except for the discussion thread or review to which they were invited, although an organization administrator can add permissions.

Permissions by license type

Your license type defines your permissions, which determine your ability to create and edit items or access them as read-only.

If you have a Creator license and read-only permissions to a project, you can:

  • Execute test runs

  • Log defects from the test run execution window


** Permissions that are included with each license type.