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Jama Connect User Guide

Monitor license usage


You must have system, organization, or user administrator permissions to complete this task.

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select License.

  2. In the center panel you can see a display of daily usage by license type for a particular time period, as well as detail of current usage.

    You can view stats from the last 7, 30, or 90 days, including the number of licenses being used on a daily basis, the number of days where you reached your maximum threshold, and if any users were downgraded in license type or denied access due to a lack of license availability. Use the menus in the header to select the type of license and the time period you want displayed.

    By clicking on one of the chart lines, you can see an hourly breakdown of license usage throughout that day. From the hourly view, select a specific hour of the day to see a minute-by-minute breakdown.


    This chart shows a live look at license usage at the time the page is loaded or refreshed. The data is stored in UTC time, however the chart display converts the data to match the user’s time zone by applying the appropriate offset.







    Scroll down to see all of your license information such as license type, expiration date, how many licenses are owned, as well as any integrations the organization has purchased. For more information, see View license.

  3. To adjust the threshold, select Threshold (gear icon), make your changes, then click Save.

    (Optional) Select Notify me when this threshold is met and enter an email address to send notifications when usage surpasses a specified threshold. 

  4. To analyze your license data usage in Excel:

    1. Update the license types and timeframe settings as needed, then click Export.

    2. Select the destination of the file, then click OK.