Jama Connect User Guide

Batch update license types


You must have organization administrator permissions to complete this task.

Occasionally, you may want to update many users at once. For example, several users may be assigned a temporary license that is about to expire and you needs to assign them to creator licenses. To update many users at once:

  1. Select Admin > Users.

  2. Sort the users by license type by selecting the field name header at the top of the user grid.

  3. Highlight the users to be updated. (Use Shift or Command-click to select multiple).

  4. Right-click or Control-click and select Batch update user(s).

  5. In the Batch update users window that opens, select the license type you want to update to and then select Commit.


If you select more users than the number available of your selected license type, that license type will not be selectable when batch updating