Jama Connect User Guide

User groups

User groups are an efficient way to manage notifications, permissions, access, and actions for multiple users at a time.

You can create groups based on the users' roles, permissions or position so you can efficiently:


Users can be assigned to multiple groups.

Jama Connect includes two types of groups:

  • Organization group — These groups have no project context and are available to all projects in the organization when adding permissions.

  • Project group — These groups are created in the context of a project and are available to that specific project when adding permissions.

Name groups in a way that works well for your organization. You might use your internal structure (such as job title or work group), or name groups by access permission (read only, read/write), or roles (reuse admin, review admin, project admin). If you're using signer roles for electronic signatures, the group name is used as the signer role.

By default, Jama Connect comes with a number of pre-defined organization and project user groups. For example, the group Organization Admin is a default group that has organization and project rights.