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Jama Connect User Guide

Test run item

A test run is a system item and can't be deleted. It serves as the record of a test being executed.

When a test case is associated with a test cycle, a test run is automatically created in that cycle. An automatic association is created between that test run and its originating test case, test cycle, test group, and test plan. These associations contextualize the test run.

A test run’s name, description, and steps are the same as its originating test case at the time the run was created.

Status — Available statuses

Passed and Failed are required statuses that can't be changed or disabled. "Not applicable" is an optional status that can be enabled when certain test steps and/or tests might not be applicable to all testing scenarios. Not applicable status in a step or test run is excluded from any result calculation.

Status — Default behavior for completing steps out of order

Select one of the three options for how the system might behave when a tester skips a test step and does not assign it a status:

  • Assign “Passed” to all skipped steps

  • Do not assign status to any skipped steps

  • Allow tester to select status for skipped step (for example, ignore, pass, fail)