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Jama Connect User Guide

Monitor changes with the Admin Activity stream (project admin)

The Admin Activity stream provides an audit trail of all the updates you make.

To open the Activity stream panel:

  1. Select Admin > Project, then select the project you want to view.

  2. Select the Activity stream button on the right side of the panel.

When the Activity stream opens, you can enter a search term to find activities.


The Activity stream includes:


Available information


  • Changes in version items.

  • Maximum number of items displayed in the Explorer Tree.

  • Where to save test run defects.

Item Types

Item types that transition from visible to hidden and from hidden to visible.

Release List

What was added, edited, deleted, archived, and unarchived in a project release.

Project Permissions

  • Modifications to inherited permissions.

  • Added and removed permissions at the project level.


  • Overriden items and who overrode them.

  • Removed and configured workflows per item type in a project.


Attachments added from the Attachments tab of the Project admin panel.

Tag Management

What was added, deleted, and edited in a project tag.


When a project level index was initiated.

Clean up

When project cleanup and project baselines cleanup were initiated.