Jama Connect User Guide

Configure multi-mode authentication

The combination of Jama Connect Basic and SAML authentication (Basic + IdP) provides extra security by separating your internal users from external partners.

Important considerations

  • Cloud customersContact support to schedule enablement. 

  • Self-hosted customers — Follow the steps in this task to configure multi-mode authentication.


To configure multi-mode authentication:

  1. If you haven't entered the SAML metadata in the root menu, go to the SAML tab and enter it there.

  2. Log in to Jama Connect as root, then select System Properties > Authentication Properties > Basic + IdP.

  3. Select Enable BOTH Basic authentication and SAML, then click Save.

    The Basic + IdP tab transitions can now accept input. While the Basic and SAML tabs are now read-only This type of input is the same on both tabs: Basic and SAML.

  4. Complete the Basic and SAML sections in the Basic + IdP tab:

    Basic — Fill out the the Basic Authentication section.

    SAML — If you haven't entered the SAML metadata in the root menu, complete the following steps in the SAML section of the Basic + IdP tab.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Confirm the configuration was successful.

    • Select the Users tab, then verify that the Authentication Type column appears in the table.

      If you see the Authentication Type column, Basic + IdP authentication is now enabled.