Jama Connect User Guide

System administrator

System administrators  are in charge of the following tasks: 

  • Logging in to the application server operating system and Jama Connect as root user

  • Installing, updating and maintaining the Jama Connect platform

  • Setting up the database and application servers

  • Installing the admin console, and Jama Connect

  • Configure settings such as authentication, mail servers

  • Regular maintenance such as updates, uploading custom reports

Ideally a system administrator should have expertise in these areas of administration:

  • Database

    System administrators perform setup and administration of the database including database sizing, resource allocation, recommended backups and availability of the database engine.

  • Linux

    Jama Connect should be installed on a Linux based system. System administrators need to use Command Line Interface (CLI) for basic navigation, file manipulation, permissions and network configuration when they are installing, upgrading, allocating resources and maintaining availability and security of the server. 

  • Directory server

    If you are not using Jama Connect native authentication, system administrators must perform setup and administration or your organization's supported directory server.

  • Mail server

    If you are using these functions in Jama Connect, system administrators perform setup and administration of your organization's mail server.

System administration are necessary for customers who are self-hosting Jama Connect. For cloud customers, Jama Software manages system administration. If you are interested in an implementation that does not require system administration at your organization, contact your sales representative regarding our cloud solution.