Jama Connect User Guide

Restore from JAMA or XML


If SAML is enabled, you must disable it while Jama Connect is running and before using the restored instance of Jama Connect.

  1. Create a backup.

  2. Install Jama Connect as usual, with the following differences:

    • When you are prompted in Settings to enter Database settings, be sure the application server is pointing to the correct database.

      Image shows Database settings with Host, Port, Database (jama) user name (jamauser) and password.
    • When you are prompted in Settings to Restore the Jama backup, enter the file path for the backup you created, (for example, /data/restore/your_backup.xml). Follow the instructions given to make sure that the file is available on the application server correctly.

      restore_backup (2).png


      In the case of XML file installation mode, it is very important to enter this file path before proceeding to install. Once the database is populated on the initial startup, changes to this setting will not be picked up.

  3. Stop Jama Connect

  4. Migrate the data manually.

  5. Start Jama Connect. 

  6. Log in to the application as root user.

  7. If the environment URL has changed, change the URL to update the base URL.

  8. While you are still logged in as root user, reindex search.