Jama Connect User Guide

Create a Replicated snapshot

Replicated snapshots are backups of the admin console settings, Docker containers and the Jama Connect license.

Replicated snapshots can be stored in a custom directory, like /data/snapshots. Identify and configure this directory under Admin console > Settings (gear icon) > Console settings > Snapshots

A maximum of 3 snapshots (by default) are kept on the application server. Be sure to back them up regularly to a remote volume. It is best to store them within the /data directory so you only have one directory to back up.

A Replicated snapshot can be taken while Jama Connect is running without interruption.

Replicated snapshots contain:

  • The installed admin console and its settings

  • The current Docker containers that make up the Jama Connect application

  • Your license provided by Jama Software


    Replicated snapshots do not include the contents of the database, the contents of the /data directory or the log files.

You should create a Replicated snapshot in the following situations:

To create a Replicated snapshot, open the admin console and select Start snapshot


If making a Replicated snapshot fails, the dashboard shows technical detail of the failure including the file or folder involved. Since this error message is generated from the underlying file system, (for example, readdirent: errno 523) it is likely a problem with the underlying file system that you must investigate separately from the Jama Connect installation.


Replicated snapshots are stored in the following location by default: 


However, if you change the path to include /data it will be easier to include these snapshots in your regular backups of Jama Connect, as such: