Jama Connect User Guide


Once you have designated a system administrator you can begin installation.

To install Jama Connect:

  1. Ensure you have the necessary installation prerequisites.

  2. Install the admin console 

    This provides the web pages necessary to configure and install the components for the Jama Connect application.

  3. Determine how you want to install Jama Connect and follow the link to install:

    • New installation

      Install Jama Connect with the embedded sample data set.

    • New airgap installation

      For airgap installation the Jama Connect application server is not connected during installation. This requires additional steps (download, transfer, and install dependencies).

    • New installation with existing data 

      Connect a new application server to an existing database server and use existing data. You must manually migrate the data. This only applies if you are migrating from a supported database system (MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server) to the same database system.

    • Restore from a backup with a JAMA file 

      A JAMA file is a bundle that includes XML export of the database as well as filesystem assets, like attachments and reports.

      This option is useful if you are upgrading your database system or if you are migrating your data from a database system that is no longer supported (like from Oracle to MySQL). 

    • Restore from a backup with an XML file

      This option is useful if you are migrating between different types of databases (JAMA files will not work for this type of migration).