Jama Connect User Guide

Install Jama Connect (airgap installation)

Once you have prepared for installation and decided to use airgap, do the following:

  1. Log in to the URL with the password provided in the welcome email.

  2. Select the Get Download Link button to get the download link itself.

  3. Select Download to be download Jama or select the copy to clipboard icon to copy the actual download link.

  4. Once you have Replicated and Jama Connect downloaded, transfer the files into the same directory in the airgap server.

  5. Navigate to the directory where Replicated and Jama Connect airgap files were saved. Unpack the Replicated application archive file.

  6. Enter the following command in the server's command line:

    tar -xzvf replicated.tar.gz

    You will see this output:

  7. In the same directory, execute the application installation script and identify it will use an airgap installation file with the following command.

    cat ./install.sh | sudo bash -s airgap
  8. This script will ask the following questions and complete the installation. You can see a full sample installation script for an airgap installation.

    • Please choose one of the following network interfaces:

      Enter the desired number (0-2) of the network used to access Jama. This will be the same network used to access the admin console and the Jama Connect application.


      Complex network designs will vary. You may have fewer or more interfaces listed. The docker0 interface will exist if Docker is installed. If it is not found, confirm that Docker is indeed installed.

    • Does this machine require a proxy to access the Internet? (y/N)

      Since this is an airgap machine, a proxy is not necessary. Enter N when prompted.

  9. Once the script completes, proceed to the admin console, by following the link at the end of the script to continue installation. https://<this_server_address>:8800

  10. Follow the standard Installation of Jama steps, pausing at the Upload your license page.

  11. At Upload your license, select Install from a local package.

  12. Enter the file path to the Jama .airgap file saved on the server.

  13. Select Choose License and upload the license provided in the welcome email.

  14. Select Continue. Jama Connect will now install from the .airgap file.

  15. Proceed through the rest of the installation.