Jama Connect User Guide

Monitoring memory usage

Make sure you have allocated an appropriate amount of memory for your organization's usage. Check and adjust usage regularly to keep your environment running for best performance.

Several factors affect the amount of memory that Jama Connect requires, including:

  • Size of your dataset

  • Number of concurrent users

  • Users' common workflows

If any of the containers’ memory consumption is close to the maximum available memory, you can adjust those values. These containers in order require the most memory:

  • jamacore

  • elasticsearch

  • searchservice

Make sure that you don't over-allocate the total memory of the application server. Also, leave approximately 5 GB of available memory (headroom) for system processes. For help in estimating your application server size, use the tables in Resource sizing for your application server.

Use one of these methods to monitor usage, then adjust your memory settings as needed.

  • Log in to Jama Connect as the root user.

  • Select the License management tab to view usage by license type.

  • Use the Admin Console monitoring graphs.

  • Use any Java application monitoring tool that supports JMS.

  • Use JavaMelody, which comes preconfigured with the Jama Connect application. To access JavaMelody, log in to Jama Connect as the root user and navigate to [your.jama.url]/javamelody.