Jama Connect User Guide

Update the application's IP address

If you need to update the IP address or hostname of your application server after installation.


If you are using DNS and the hostname for this server is not changing (just the underlying IP) you do not need to edit any files.

  1. Make the IP/Hostname changes in your network/on the server.

  2. Stop the application.

  3. Stop Replicated:

    • CentOS, RHEL 7+, and Fedora

      sudo systemctl stop replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator
    • Debian, Ubuntu and Others

      sudo service replicated stop
      sudo service replicated-ui stop
      sudo service replicated-operator stop
  4. Edit the Replicated configuration files to replace all occurrences of the old IP address or hostname with the new IP address or hostname. If you were previously using an IP address, you should continue using an IP address. If you were previously using a hostname, you should continue using a hostname.

    • Fedora/CentOS/RHEL

      /etc/sysconfig/replicated and /etc/sysconfig/replicated-operator

    • Debian/Ubuntu

      /etc/default/replicated and /etc/default/replicated-operator

    • Others

      Contact support at support@jamasoftware.com if you are unable to locate the Replicated config files.

  5. If you have a firewall in place, or use a proxy and configured no_proxy settings in Docker, you will need to update these settings with the new IP address.

  6. Restart Docker.

    • Fedora/CentOS/RHEL 7+

      sudo systemctl restart docker
    • Debian/Ubuntu and Others

      sudo service docker restart
  7. Start the Replicated service.

    • Fedora/CentOS/RHEL 7+

      sudo systemctl start replicated replicated-ui replicated-operator
    • Debian/Ubuntu and Others

      sudo service replicated start
      sudo service replicated-ui start
      sudo service replicated-operator start
  8. Once the Replicated containers are up, navigate to https://{new_ip_address}:8800. Under Settings > Hostname input the new IP address or hostname.

  9. Log in to the application as system administrator. Change the URL to reflect the new IP address. You may also want to run Fix URL to change any existing references in the text of items that has already been created.