Jama Connect User Guide

Upgrade the application

You can upgrade an existing installation to a newer version using the admin console. During an upgrade, the application server must have access to the internet.


If you are using a version of Replicated 1.x you must first upgrade to Replicated 2.x.


Your system stores old Docker images from previous versions of Jama. They may use up storage space or cause indexing to fail. To avoid this, you must periodically remove old Docker images.

  1. Use a browser to navigate to Admin console > Dashboard and make sure that the admin console is up to date.

  2. Create a manual snapshot by selecting Start snapshot on the dashboard.

  3. If an update was already discovered, the dashboard will read "There is an update available." Select View update and go to step 5.

    update 01 - view update.png
  4. Alternatively, if no update was already discovered, the dashboard will read: "Jama is up to date." Select Check now.

    update 02 - check now.png
  5. If an update is discovered, the dashboard will read "Update Available." Select View update.

  6. Review the proposed update or updates and select Install update.


    You may be prompted to update the admin console.

    update 04 - release history.png

    update 05 - installing.png
  7. Go to the dashboard.

  8. Wait for updates to the components that make up Jama Connect to be downloaded from our private and secure registry on the Internet (pulling, downloading, pushing). The dashboard reads Updating during this phase.

  9. Wait for the components that make up Jama Connect to be started and initialized. The dashboard reads Starting then Queued. It also shows more detailed information about the status, such as the database is updating (patching).

    update 07 - queued.png
  10. Open Jama Connect in a new browser window by selecting Open under Started.

    update 08 - started.png
  11. Log in to Jama Connect.

  12. Rebuild the search index.