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Jama Connect User Guide

Migrating your data

To use Jama Connect 8.x, your application server must be running on a Linux platform; Windows server is no longer supported. Also, because Oracle database is no longer supported, you must migrate to either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL before upgrading to version 8.x.

You must also migrate your existing data when you upgrade the platform (physical or virtual) for your database server or application server.


This information applies to self-hosted environments only.

Migrate Jama Connect data when you:



From Oracle database

Jama Connect 8.x no longer supports Oracle database. You must migrate to a supported database before upgrading to 8.x.

From Windows server

Jama Connect 8.x no longer supports Windows platform. You must migrate to a supported Linux operating system, then migrate your application and data.


If you restore data from an XML or .jama file, your image file automatically references the new server's name or location. But if you use any other method to restore data (such as proprietary tools for MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server), you must run the Fix URL option to update references manually