Jama Connect User Guide

Migrate existing database to a new server

If you have a new server (physical or virtual) for your existing database, you must create a backup of the original database, then migrate and restore it on the new database server.

Important considerations

  • If migrating from the same database type, such as MySQL to MySQL, perform a proprietary backup and restore, to avoid converting the data.

  • If migrating between different database types, such as MySQL to SQL Server, generate a backup of your database using your current installation of Jama Connect.

  • If migrating from a pre-8.0 version of Jama Connect, generate a backup of your database using your current installation of Jama Connect. You must use an XML file for the backup.

  • If migrating from an 8.x version of Jama Connect, use a .jama file for the backup.

To migrate your database to a new server:

  1. Generate a backup on your application server, using a .jama file (recommended), XML file, or a proprietary database backup.

  2. If using a .jama file or XML file:

    1. Wait for the backup file to be written to the /data/contour/backup directory on the application server.

    2. Move the backup file to the /data/restore directory on the destination application server.

  3. Create a new database following the instructions appropriate for MySQL or SQL Server.

  4. Delete filesystem assets on the destination server:

    rm -rf /data/{activeMQData,| config, contour, elasticsearch, tenant}
  5. On the respective destination servers, configure the Admin Console, and when prompted, select Restore from backup file.

  6. Save the settings and restart Jama Connect.