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Jama Connect User Guide

Migrate the application to a new server

If you have a new server (physical or virtual) for your existing Jama Connect 8.x installation, you must first create a backup and snapshot on the original server, then migrate data and restore the snapshot on the new server.


The snapshot contains the license from the original server. Only use a production server snapshot on a new production server, and a test server snapshot on a new test server.

  1. Log in to Jama Connect as the root user.

  2. Enable maintenance mode:

    1. Select the System properties tab in the Jama System Administration panel, then select Edit in the top right corner.

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Yes for maintenance mode.

  3. On the original server:

    1. Create a Replicated snapshot from the Admin Console.

    2. Create a backup (.jama file, XML file, or proprietary SQL backup) and download it from the root menu. Move to the new server under /data/restore.

  4. On the new server:

    1. Migrate the existing data, including the /data directory and its contents from the old server to the new server, preserving the structure and permissions of the contents.

    2. Move the snapshot from the original server to the same directory on the new server.

    3. Restore the snapshot. When prompted for the license, select Restore from a snapshot.

    4. If the IP address of the two servers are different, update the IP address of your application server.